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“Don’t just communicate. Connect.” 

- John C. Maxwell. 

You deliver so much more than technology. 

I believe that science should be accessible to the people it serves. Leveraging my scientific expertise, I extract the core messaging that will resonate deeply with your audience, inspiring action so you can help bring life-enhancing and life-saving advancements to those who need them the most. My approach? Audience-first.

My services

Brand strategy

I work with you to clarify your brand messaging and positioning and create a blueprint for a targeted content strategy that converts.


I create engaging content that informs and educates your audiences to increase brand awareness, build trust and convert. I write about their needs and values and your solutions usi ttng the vocabulary they use daily. 

Website content

I provide website and page architecture, content mapping and website copy based on your ideal customer journey. I have experience working closely with designers to create beautiful and engaging websites that convert.

What others says...

I worked with Yoanne to put together Brand Strategy and all the content for the BASE10 Genetics website. This project was not easy to deliver due to complexity and being relatively new for our target audience. She delivered it perfectly. I was so in awe of her work that I am hiring her for my own website. 

   Dahlia Imanbay, Founder @ AI Powered Dahlia

Collaborating with Yoanne ensures clients will see targeted results from their projects. Her strategic mindset and creative acumen provide valuable insights that would otherwise be missed. She puts herself in the client’s shoes to understand their vantage point, and then merges that with her deep expertise on how to strategically and creatively achieve their goals. She’s detail-oriented, thorough and communicative. Any project will be elevated with Yoanne on the team. 

   Picky Creative

Sample work

[Blog post] Genome Editing Services

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[Native article] Cancer Detection Technology

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[Flyer] Bioprocessing Products (copy)

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[Newsletter] Performance Coaching

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[Website] Multiomics Services

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[Infographic] Discovery Timeline

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Some of the companies I’ve had the privilege to help:

Exact SciencesPersonalis
Chan Zuckerberg InitiativeC2i Genomics
DNA GenotekMedGenome